• Women Business Owners are Successfully Trained to Excel

    Stiletto Women Business Owners Symposium is in full effect!

    Are you woman business owner who has plateaued in your business?
    Are you struggling to achieve true business success because you don't have a winning strategy?

    The Stiletto Women Business Owners Symposium is trekking across the country empowering women business owners like you to connect, share, and learn business strategies. Leading Ambassadors for each city will help you build a solid foundation for growth in your business. Get effective training that will show you how to successfully break through your specific business plateau. It's time to Step UP! Take action to advance your business and bust through your plateau.
  • Women Business Owner Power Leader

    Creator/Visionary/Speaker, Kim Harris has been featured in several publications and broadcast media. The #StilettoMovement is about expanding reach and solidifying impact for women business owners around the globe. Our Speakers, Presenters, and Trainers have tremendous value to share with you! Our unique format provides a platform making it easy to deliver value and change the lives and businesses of women locally and abroad. We feel this is newsworthy and deliberately partner with the best media outlets in the world.

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“Being the Platinum Sponsor for the Stiletto Live Event was one of the best investments I made in myself for 2013!
Because of this investment, power brokers in the room heard me speak. As a result, I made tangible connections with Fox 4 News, secured a KILLER Speaker for my own live event, AND landed a segment on international media platform Heart and Soul Magazine TV.
Thank you, Kim Harris, for creating the Stiletto Women Business Owners Symposium. You are opening doors for sisters we didn’t even know were available!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!”

Dr. Venus Opal Reese, Inspirational Speaker, Business Coach & Mentor for Black Women, & “New Money” Strategist